EN ISO 9001 : 2008
Reg. No. 44 100 091767

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Just a few years ago quality certification was considered a prestigious goal and the ISO 9000 standards introduced the Quality Assurance concept: constant quality meeting client expectations that became achievable through the application of specific procedures.

The most recent standards (ISO 9001:2008, known as Vision 2000) mark another step forward. The basic concept can be referred to Quality Management that is obtained via transversal processes to the corporate structure. Deming, one of the quality pioneers, said: "If you cannot describe what you are doing as a process, you don’t know what you are doing".

When Varisco received the ISO 9001:1994 certificate in 2000, the procedures were formulated according to the processes to be implemented until it was time to switch to Vision 2000. Therefore, the certification of the subsequent years did not present any difficulty. Quality is not a burden but a lifestyle and a method of everyday work.

Varisco tangibly proves its quality through the product it provides: all our pumps are tested functionally, which means added Commercial and Technical value having few rivals among all our competitors. In addition, the company records the test data of every single product, archiving them in its SAP R/3 system and, if any anomaly is detected, all information is immediately available. This data collection becomes fundamental for statistical analyses of defects, thereby guaranteeing major product control and constant quality.

The next frontier of this process is already underway and Varisco views quality as a more extended concept by implementing a QHES system to achieve more broad certification for both Security and Environmental Protection in the coming years.